Chris is an associate at SIMPSONWIGLE LAW, practicing primarily with the Condominium Law and Land Development group. Chris is actively involved in numerous condominium development projects leveraging experience that includes new site development in the Greater Toronto Area, condominium conversions, declaration and description plan amendments, as well as ongoing matters with established condominium corporations. 

He was a contributing member of the legal team which amalgamated the first two condominiums in Burlington in 2004 as a single corporation, in addition to completing other amalgamations since and has completed the legal work involved with the development and registration of numerous condominiums in a variety of forms: standard; phased; vacant land; common element; commercial; mixed residential/commercial. 

Chris understands the application of the Condominium Act 1998 and its recent amendments from the perspective of developers, board members and property managers. 

Chris' scope of responsibility covers a wide range of functions:

  • Assisting developers in achieving municipal site plan conditions.
  • Developing purchase and sale agreements and condominium documents including disclosure statements, declarations, bylaws and rules of condominium corporations, management agreements and easement documents where required.
  • For existing condominium corporations, assisting in preparation of declaration amendments, bylaw amendments and upgrades, enforcement of rules, bylaw infractions, attending owners and board meetings to address issues.
  • Working with boards and managers in dealing with matters arising from proposed changes to common elements, including preparation of indemnity agreements.
  • Guiding boards and managers in their understanding of the practical intricacies of condominium documents and the Condominium Act, including the Corporation’s rights, obligations and liabilities under it. 
  • Prior to embarking on a legal career, Chris was employed for ten years in sales and market research positions with two large Canadian manufacturing corporations.


“From the big picture to small details, I believe in listening and considering problems comprehensively in order to present options to our client along with pros and cons, to help them reach and implement the best decisions.”


"I do sweat the ‘small stuff’. Being methodical and detail oriented at the planning level ultimately sets the stage for positive results. ”


“Achieving positive milestones in the process is satisfying : seeing good planning and drafting implemented and reaching measurable outcomes along the way.  When the project is complete, sales are closed and the builder and his purchaser client are happy, that’s another  good day.”


  • Called to the Bar in Ontario, 1995


  • B. Admin. (Hons) Brock University 1981
  • M.B.A. McMaster University 1988
  • LL.B., University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, 1993


  • Hamilton Law Association
  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Condominium Institute

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