Hussein is a partner at SIMPSONWIGLE LAW engaged in corporate commercial law, focusing on commercial and residential real estate law.

Hussein assists clients at all stages of business growth. His services include incorporating and organizing companies, preparing partnership and shareholders’ agreements, preparing and reviewing commercial leases, providing advice to investors making private placements or other types of investments in companies, commercial and residential real estate and the purchase, sale and financing of businesses. 

Hussein also represents a number of not-for-profit organizations in the Golden Horseshoe. He helps NPOs with governance, by-laws, incorporating and buying and selling property.

Prior to entering the practice of law, Hussein had significant hands-on involvement in the management of family businesses and is able to converse easily at any level with owners and managers of all manner of business enterprises. Throughout transactions, he can explain complex legal issues in clear business terms to his clients.


"I don’t speak ‘legal-ese’ when talking to my clients. I’m not just the law-talking guy who drafts documents. I give my clients clear, comprehensible answers and practical advice. The clock doesn’t start ticking the second they call; I work on having good relationships with my clients so that they are comfortable making the call in the first place.”


"Because of my background as a refugee, I understand business owners' challenges, work ethic, and how they sometimes struggle to keep their heads above water. My family worked hard in family-owned business all our lives. I don't just give practical advice, I understand and sympathize with small business owners. My experience translates in a way that better serves my clients."


“I really enjoy my client's successes and important milestones. If a client buys a business and I helped with that process, then I'm really happy. I share their joy, knowing I helped them fulfill one of their dreams. The way I see it, if an investor invests in a business and it’s growing, in a way, I'm helping the community and helping to satisfy their ambitions.”


“I’m very proud of our large and flourishing practice. I work with an excellent team. We all believe in the same principles: give premium service at a reasonable cost.”


  • Called to the Bar in Ontario, 2002


  • Bay Area Leadership Program 2005
  • LL.B. - University of Western Ontario Law School, 2000
  • M.A., International Relations, University of Toronto, 1997
  • B.A. (Honours) with distinction, Political Science and History, McMaster University, 1995


  • Halton Law Association
  • Hamilton Law Association
  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Muslim Lawyers' Association
  • Canadian Arab Lawyers' Association
  • South Asian Bar Association

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