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Business Law

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Every Stage Of Corporate Growth and Every Eventuality

Working with our clients, we advise on and provide assistance with the implementation of plans for business start-up; business expansion or down-sizing; asset and business purchase and sale; asset protection; succession; management of private companies; and ownership re-structuring to ensure that money flowing through the company is doing so tax efficiently. We apply careful attention to the long-term health of the business and to the needs of owners and management.

Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Risk

We deal with very low frequency/very high impact scenarios as well as everyday risk. Our lawyers are able to buttress businesses to prevent any form of business disruption and assets being exposed to risk as a result of growth activity, structural shortcomings, organizational changes and governance as well as man-made disasters.

We are legal advisors, but because of our knowledge, experience and active involvement in all aspects of our clients’ businesses we are able to provide practical tactical and strategic guidance to help business owners and managers and family held businesses deal with the expected and the unexpected.

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