Wills, Estates and Trusts

Wills, Estates and Trusts
Our Hamilton, Ontario law firm features a contemporary conference room equipped with an elongated table, sophisticated black chairs, and exquisite chandeliers.

About the service

Support Through The Generations

The legacy of SimpsonWigle Law LLP is based on over 100 years of leadership and support for our clients and their families in dealing with their personal planning needs and assisting them to pass wealth to the next generations.

Our values include the necessity to remain current and competent in our practice methodologies. Our strength is in recognizing the importance of our clients’ other professional advisors, and not only being a legal resource to these advisors but embracing the opportunities to work with them in a collaborative team setting.

It is a basic principle of our practice to be available to our clients at times of crisis and adapt to the needs of our clients to find the best solution in the circumstances.

We understand that continuity and stability of service is important to our clients as they contemplate future support for their family members. Planning for our own succession of estate lawyers, assures our clients of a continuous stability upon which they can rely.

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Our law firm in Hamilton, Ontario boasts a contemporary conference room outfitted with a polished wooden table, sleek black chairs, and expansive windows shaded by blinds.

Our Wills, Estates and Trusts Group

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