Our Hamilton, Ontario law firm features a contemporary conference room equipped with an elongated table, sophisticated black chairs, and exquisite chandeliers.

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We provide a wide range of immigration legal services, for clients wishing to transfer personnel from Canada to United States and personnel from the United States to Canada. Our focus is on executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, skilled labour with specialized knowledge and expertise, investors, senior management, intra-company transferees – as well as their families. Our Canadian clients include large and small privately held companies in all sectors, associations, partnerships, public companies and subsidiaries of foreign corporations. Clients in the United States include Fortune 1000 corporations, business owners, professionals, and other individuals in unique situations such as academics, entertainers, athletes and students.

Services include:

CANADA - Business & Professional

UNITED STATES ENTRY - Business & Professional

Our distinguished law firm in Hamilton, Ontario features a contemporary conference room. This space is thoughtfully designed with a sizable table and sleek black chairs for maximum comfort during consultations or meetings. The room's architectural details include exposed red beams, creating an atmosphere of professional elegance.

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