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Condominium Law

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At SimpsonWigle LAW LLP our business is condominium.

SimpsonWigle LAW LLP offers a Condominium Group comprised of a number of lawyers that provide condominium services to developers, condominium corporations, property management firms and unit owners. SimpsonWigle LAW LLP proudly acts for over 650 condominium corporations in Ontario and has over thirty years experience in advising clients on condominium related issues. Our firm’s depth of knowledge and high-end service is highly regarded throughout the condominium community.

For developers, our Condominium Group offers advice relating to bringing projects to market, project financing, the condominium registration process, interim occupancies and final closings.

For condominium corporations, our Condominium Group provides advice relating to board and owners’ meetings, reserve funds, status certificates and condominium financing. We prepare and provide advice on by-laws, rules, amendments to declarations, shared facilities agreements and section 98 agreements. We also offer advice on human rights issues, employment matters, maintenance and repair concerns and insurance claims. Our group registers liens for unpaid common expenses and actively enforces payment under such liens. Additionally, our Condominium Group offers advice and condominium dispute resolution services including applications to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for compliance with the Act, declaration, by laws and rules, construction deficiency and Tarion Warranty claims, as well as mediation and arbitration hearings under the Ontario Condominium Act, 1998.

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