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Our distinguished law firm in Hamilton, Ontario features a contemporary conference room. This space is thoughtfully designed with a sizable table and sleek black chairs for maximum comfort during consultations or meetings. The room's architectural details include exposed red beams, creating an atmosphere of professional elegance.

About the service

The experience and expertise to handle all your tax matters

We have the experience and expertise to handle everything from your high-end, sophisticated tax matters to your everyday concerns. Our tax law group enjoys an excellent reputation with our clients, the courts and other professionals as a leading tax law practice in the Golden Horseshoe.

Serving a broad range of business clients

We provide counsel to accountants, business owners and senior corporate managers across most business sectors. We have a successful track record in advising our clients in all stages of their business lifecycle. From start-up ventures to large multinational public companies, as well as registered charities and other not-for-profit organizations.

Our services include

Our Hamilton, Ontario law firm features a contemporary conference room equipped with an elongated table, sophisticated black chairs, and exquisite chandeliers.

Practical and effective service, both in and out of the courtroom

Our courtroom experience includes dealing with complex tax litigation on behalf of public and private corporations. Because our lawyers are business savvy and realistic in their approach to issues, we have a reputation for providing understandable, workable advice that facilitates the business process. Other lawyers, accountants and professional advisors routinely refer highly complex and sensitive tax actions to us.

Our Tax Law Group

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